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Structural Inspections

This book has been acknowledged by many professional engineers, home inspectors and foundation contractors as one of the best illustrated and easiest to understand books on foundations, structural defects and repairs that’s available on the market today. It’s many illustrations and diagrams simplify the process of diagnosing defects, determining their significance and then recommending a repair or further evaluation. The basics of residential wood framing are also presented, including the step-by-step procedures necessary to build an entire wood-framed structure from the foundation sill plate to the roof rafters. This guide was written by Rick Shockley, P.E. Rick has been a popular speaker for ASHI and NAHI at both National and Local Educational Seminars. This book is included in PITI’s home inspection training courses.

Price = $34.95

Electrical Inspections

An excellent reference book to use as a guide for the proper procedures in conducting electrical inspections. This book is very well illustrated and besides walking you through the basics of electricity and electrical inspections, also lists many of the defects a new or experienced inspector can encounter on residential inspections. The book will also help you understand the National Electric Code as it pertains to a home inspection. This is a great illustrated reference book filled with great graphics for home inspectors. It makes an excellent study guide for exam preparation! This book is included in PITI’s home inspection training courses.

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Plumbing Inspections

This is a practical study guide for home inspectors. This book covers many plumbing issues that must be addressed by home inspectors. This guide is filled with graphics and drawings conditions found during home inspections. This handbook is intended to assist you in evaluating the plumbing systems of existing single family structures. This book is included in PITI’s home inspection courses.

Price = $19.95       

Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Inspections

To a lot of inspectors, an air conditioner or heat pump are confusing systems. Our study guide will “simplify” these systems for you. When the reader finishes this study guide, they will know what the basic refrigeration cycle is, how a heat pump works, and how to inspect both HVAC systems. This handbook goes into the different types of HVAC systems (split-system, package units, air and water source heat pumps, etc). It covers the more common defects, amateur installations and how to recognize and report on significant deficiencies This study guide will give a seasoned inspector or novice the skill and confidence to inspect different types of residential air conditioning systems. This book is included in PITI’s home inspection courses.

Price = $21.95       

Understanding Radon

Any house may have a radon problem. EPA believes that 1 out of every 15 homes in America has elevated radon levels! This study guide will provide Home Inspectors with a brief introduction and history of radon gas as an environmental hazard. They will also learn the correct protocols for radon testing during a real estate transaction. Inspectors will be introduced to the 3 primary testing options for a Home Inspector during a real estate transaction (electronic monitors, cannisters, and e-perms). The study guide discusses how to test; where to test; what different test results mean. This handbook will give the inspector a better understanding of radon and radon testing. This book is included in PITI’s home inspection courses.

Price = $19.95       

Wood & Composition Roofing Inspections

Wood and composition roofing is the focus of this study guide. Besides learning the characteristics of both composition and wood roofs, you will learn how to distinguish between natural weathering-caused deterioration and storm-caused damage to roofing products. Proper roofing installations, roof inspection and assessment techniques, service life expectations, and proper roof repair methods will also be covered. Common problems that arise from poor installation and materials of residential roofing materials is reviewed. The home inspectors customer, the lender, the appraiser, and the insurance company are always highly concerned about the condition of the roof. The roof is one of the biggest ticket and most costly items in a home to replace. Inaccurately judging its condition is one of the two main reasons home inspectors get sued. Inaccurate inspection techniques can lead to an inaccurate analysis of the roofs condition. This study guide is filled with graphics of common roof defects. The guide provides readers with the knowledge to inspect and assess a roof more accurately. It is a great study guide for exam preparation! This book is included in PITI’s home inspection training courses.

Price = $29.95       

The Home Inspection Business

Whether you have already started a home inspection business or are eagerly planning to start a new one, The PITI Guide to Starting Your Own Business is a blueprint for beating the odds and achieving enviable success. Straight forward and frank, it takes you step by step through the entire process of starting your new venture, from evaluating your credentials as an business man/woman, to identifying and evaluating your chance for success to marketing, to buying tools, choosing a report system, how to do a real estate sales meeting presentation, etc. This book is included in PITI’s home inspection training courses.

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Complete Set of 7 Home Inspection Study Guides

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