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EIFS & Stucco Inspections

Contact Hours - 7                                                                                           Price = $245       

This course is designed to help the home inspector identify various stucco types and to give them a basic understanding of the various stucco systems. It will also give them a brief history of exterior finish insulation systems (EIFS) and a thorough description of proper EIFS systems components and installations. Specific examples of varied types of EIFS damage as well as EIFS components are covered. The course also discusses typical EIFS repairs and the costs associated with this. The home inspector will leave the course with a summary of the key issues to look for when inspecting a home clad with stucco/EIFS that leave it susceptible to moisture penetration or other damage. This seminar will be beneficial to inspectors by covering:

  1. Conventional Stucco
  2. 1 Coat – 2 Coat Stucco
  3. Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)
  4. Hybrid Systems
  5. Common Problems & Defects
  6. Damage Assessment & Repair Costs
  7. Reporting on Deficiencies
  8. Referring The System To A Qualified Specialist for Further Evaluation

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