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Electrical Inspections

Contact Hours - 8                                                                                           Price = $250       

To be a top notch inspector, you need to have a good working knowledge of the electrical system and how it operates. This is one of the most commonly misunderstood systems in a home and one of the most dangerous if not installed properly. This course will give a seasoned inspector or a novice the added skills, knowledge and confidence to inspect the most difficult residential electrical systems. This seminar will be beneficial to inspectors by covering:

  1. The Service Entry Inspection
  2. Main & Sub-Panel Boxes
  3. Branch Wiring & Fixtures
  4. Grounding & Bonding
  5. Aluminum Wiring
  6. Knob & Tube Wiring
  7. Inspecting Amateur Installations
  8. Electrical Codes and the Home Inspector
  9. Most Common Defects & Safety Hazards
  10. Reporting on the Significant Deficiencies

List of Continuing Education courses
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Electrical Inspections
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