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Home Inspection Field Training

Some state licensing laws require a new home inspector to accompany an experienced inspector for 25 or so actual home inspections. Many of the National or State Inspector Associations like NAHI, ASHI, CREIA, MAREI, etc. require a new inspector to have done a certain number of fee paid home inspections prior to Certification by that association.

Actual “hands-on inspection experience” is one of the most valuable things that a new inspector can do to increase their confidence and enhance their own personal skills and any classroom training they may have taken. PITI offers you one-on-one ride along field experience with knowledgeable inspectors.

Accompany an inspector on 1 or more inspections each day, being done for buyers, sellers, lenders, relocation companies or real estate agents. These are fee paid inspections where you can learn 1st hand the inspection process, and see the interaction (good or bad) between all parties in the transaction.

Depending upon the time of the year and the availability of the instructors, “Live Field Training” may be offered not only in the Greater Kansas City area, but in other locations throughout Kansas and Missouri.

The normal cost is $150 per day or $600 per week. This is discounted to $125 per day or $500 per week for PITI graduates.
Price = $150 / 1 Day   $600 / 1 Week     

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