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Homeowners have always been exposed to unwanted moisture intrusion into a home, though dozens of sources such as: roof leaks, clogged gutters, poor grading, air conditioning coil leaks, shower or bath leaks, dishwasher leaks, plumbing leaks, overflowing toilets, etc. In the past when this occurred a homeowner simply repaired the leak and went on about their life. If mold or mildew developed, a homeowner washed it off and cleaned it with chemicals like bleach, and went on about their life. In the past few years a new type of mold called "STACHYBOTRYS" has been discovered. This particular type of mold has proven to pose a serious health hazard to many people, and is very difficult or impossible to get rid of.

In several cases it has been proven, that the only way to completely eliminate the mold problem is to destroy the home. Ouch!! This hot new issue has had a lot of press and media coverage, starting out with the 32 million dollar settlement against State Farm Insurance in Texas.

This seminar will focus on mold in general and how the Inspector can protect themselves and their clients from this environmental hazard - and learn how to test for it.

The seminar objectives are:

1. Learning to identify the “Red Flags” that produce mold;
2. Learning the health hazards associated with mold;
3. Learning the affect mold can have on structural components;
4. Learning the affect mold can have on the value of a home;
5. Learning the potential for costly litigation that mold can have;
6. Learning the various ways the Inspector can test for mold;
7. Learning when to refer to a specialist in IAQ for further evaluation.


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