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The Home Inspection Report
Price = $395       

The Home Inspection Report is being used daily by hundreds of home inspectors across the country, including a past National President of ASHI, several ASHI & NAHI Chapter Presidents, and many other very successful home inspectors. This report is a combination of a narrative and checklist report which makes it easy for the inspector to use and easy for the clients to read. The report is 29 pages long with half being checklist pages and half being drawings or graphics of common defects you reported on.

A “Pre-Inspection Agreement” and a “Pre-Closing Walk-Thru” Checklist are also included with the set if you care to use them. The forms come to you on a CD that you can alter or change to meet your own needs. Once you' ve done that simply print out the masters, take them to your own printer and print as many sets as you like in 2-part, 3-part or ?? NCR.

Why Use Our Inspection Report vs. The Other Guy' s?

Our report system has several advantages over any of our competitors, such as:

  1. It's a one time cost - the inspector is not married to us for life.
  2. The inspector can use it as is, or change the comments to suit his/her own style.
  3. The inspector has complete control - they can print 25 copies or 1,000 copies.
  4. The inspector can get the report printed on 2-part NCR or 4-part NCR, or ?
  5. It's probably the most attractive and affordable report system on the market.
  6. More standard comments, means less time writing and more time inspecting!


Why use a professional “narrative checklist” rather than a typed narrative?

  1. When you' re done inspecting the house, you' re done - period!
  2. Buyers, Realtors, and Lenders really appreciate the professional on-site report
    (they can digest the report, deal with problems quicker, and close faster).
  3. Less excuse for the buyer to delay payment - they get the report - you get paid?
  4. You have more free time to market your business, play with the kids, or just loaf!!!!
  5. There' s more consistency in your reports than when you' re constantly typing them.
  6. Less chances of making mistakes - the checklist leads you through the inspection sequence - the way you' ve laid it out to do.
  7. Less overall cash outlay in the long run - means more money in your pockets !!!!!
Price = $395       


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