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Sales & Marketing Seminar

Contact Hours - 7                                                                                           Price = $225       

You can be the best educated, most thorough inspector within a 200 mile radius and yet if you don’t know how to adequately market yourself and your services – your business will either never get off the ground or will die very quickly. Many Home Inspectors are “Techies” and spend days and weeks going to technical seminars that teach them how to inspect every aspect of a building and its various systems and components. They are the very cream of the crop – they know everything there is to know about a homes structural and mechanical systems, yet they only did 100 inspections last year (and this year looks worse). The other inspection company down the block from them – gets sued about 3 times a year, uses a 4 page report, has never thought about giving up even 3 hours to set through an educational seminar, charges $40 more than they do, and yet did over 500 inspections last year – Why???  In most cases the difference is in the marketing.

This course is designed to help the experienced or novice inspector learn how to get themselves and their inspection business on the fast track to success. Veteran inspectors take the mystery out of marketing, by teaching them what works and what doesn’t work for home inspectors. The home inspector will leave the seminar with a business plan for a “13-week fast track to success marketing plan”. This seminar will be beneficial to inspectors by covering:

  1. Developing a Marketing Plan
  2. Identifying Your Market
  3. Establishing a Market Niche
  4. Newsletters, Radio, etc.
  5. Yellow Page Advertising
  6. Office Presentations to Realtors, Lenders, etc.
  7. Teaching a Class on Construction Defects, etc. at the Community College
  8. Teaching Continuing Education Classes to Realtors, Appraisers, Attorneys, etc.

List of Continuing Education courses
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Sales & Marketing Seminar
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