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Over the past 5 to 6 years we have taught training seminars on different subjects for hundreds of new and experienced inspectors alike. From conversations with these inspectors and past students (both ours and our competitors), it appears that some of the other companies in the Inspection Training Business are experts only at the reading of paragraphs out of a textbook or at drawing cute diagrams on a chalkboard. At PITI, our Master Inspectors know that there is a very big difference between a new inspector with “book knowledge only” and a “Fully Trained” PITI Home Inspector that has successfully completed one of our very intense “Classroom and Hands-On” - Field Training Seminars. We know that good Home Inspectors are made - not born, and at PITI we train you how to be a good Home Inspector, not just to how to sit in a classroom and memorize pages of useless information and formulas. This means that at PITI, you‘re going to get your hands dirty on the classroom displays and also out in the field.

PITI's Exhibition Booth at the ASHI & CREIA Joint Educational Seminar in San Diego, California (January 16-20th, 2000)
PITI's Exhibit Booth was very popular with both the new and the experienced Home Inspectors as they talked shop or looked for answers to difficult situations from our Master Inspectors.
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