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We'd like to welcome you to the PITI Training Tour, and thank you for taking a brief tour of our training displays and our methodology of training new inspectors.  You will notice that we have a large number of outstanding and dedicated training aids to help you learn about the different mechanical and structural systems and the various components involved in residential construction and proper home inspection techniques and procedures.  We also utilize hundreds of slides and videos of common and uncommon building defects to aid your learning.

Our instructors are dedicated to making you the best that you can possibly be and as you take the PITI Tour, you'll see why PITI is head and shoulders above other training programs.

We start our Training with a good, solid background on what the major components of a home consist of, and what a home inspector would be checking or not checking.

The PITI Training Program covers all of the major mechanical and structural components of a home shown in the above picture.

At PITI you will enjoy a comfortable classroom setting with many visual aids!

Learn structural framing defects from a licensed engineer!
PITI - Kansas City, MO - (816) 824-9260

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